How your donation to Earth Vision Trust will be used

Programming: Earth Vision Trust builds programming from the images created by James Balog and his team. Currently all programming stems from the Extreme Ice Survey. Earth Vision Trust will use these images in educational formats including curriculum for k-12 and college, books for pre-k children, public installations in high visibility locations throughout the world, social media campaigns and more. Earth Vision Trust works with the Department of Defense to bring veterans and service men and women to stunning locations in North America, and more.

Projects: Earth Vision Trust supports projects designed by James Balog that document the Earth’s changes. Look for information about Earth Vision Trust’s next big project in early 2013.

Your donation will be considered unrestricted unless otherwise noted. For more information about making a donation please contact Earth Vision Trust.

Earth Vision Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as defined by the US Internal Revenue Service. Please note, this designation is pending. All donations to Earth Vision Trust are tax deductible.