A vital role of Earth Vision Trust is to bring the images and the knowledge bank of the Extreme Ice Survey to the world’s students. How will we do this? Through educational tools.

Middle School Curriculum Under Development

The Story in the Ice: Glaciers and Climate Change

Earth Day NetworkEarth Vision Trust/Extreme Ice Survey and Earth Day Network have partnered to develop a middle school education initiative designed to engage and mobilize students around the issue of our day: climate change. The Story in the Ice: Glaciers and Climate Change Lesson Plan, available here for download, is the first component of our ongoing efforts. The Story in the Ice, a lesson plan in two parts, explores two of the fundamental concepts of climate change, the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect. Students have the opportunity to interact with real-world glacier data, and explore some of the impacts of climate change through the dramatic images captured by scientist-photographer James Balog at Extreme Ice Survey.

Follow our progress here.

Pre-School E-Book

For the pre-school children, we are creating an e-book that will tell the story of the Extreme Ice Survey with the stunning images and links to the time-lapse videos. The kindergarten through middle school teachers will have free access to computer-based curricula with focuses spanning the educational field. High schools and colleges will enjoy screenings of Chasing Ice with accompanying study guides and social media interactive tools.

Look for most of this launching early in the 2013-14 school year. And teachers, be sure to like us on Facebook where we will update our progress and announce the release of these educational tools.